Friday, October 9, 2015

The two massive bull's close quarters and grasp hold of one the others giant cocks and begin pumping furiously on it, like a whacked out piston, humongous amounts of cum erupting from all the mutant monster Minotaur's four cocks and two cocktails!  Slamming his hand into Nightbully's throat Shadowbully violently starts strangling him!  Desperately Nightbully smashes his fist into Shadowbully's pecs.  Gurgling sounds emanate from Nigtbully's mouth his eyes glazing over.  With one mighty effort one of Nightbully's punches catches one of Shadowbully's, cum gushing, cocks between his fist and the grey Minotaur's chest,  mashing it flat!  Both Minotaur's are racked with excruciating pain, their knees buckling.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Lunging and swing the two massive Minotaurs attack each other punching and clawing at their enemy, humongous cocks and cocktails spewing out gallons of precum, that is soaking their muscular bodies!  Cuts and bruises cover them as they battle drawing ever closer together, as their physical assaults are having only limited success.  The two muscle monsters now seem intend on a sexual onslaught of the other.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Nightbully pursues the giant figure into the cave.  Winding his way through the labyrinth until he emerges out into an amphitheater high up on the back side of the island. There he come face to face with himself only his skin color is an ashen grey.  Bully's cocks tingle with excitement at the thought of sex-wrestling himself, but deep down inside he knew it would the ultimate fight of his life.

Friday, November 7, 2014

                                     NIGHTBULLY  VS   BRUTUS

Nightbully was standing in the ring basking in the glory of his victory over Hercules. His ragedrenline had healed his wounds and Hercules was taken back to his room to be tended to and prepared for his new position as Bully's bitch!
Suddenly out of the darkness in the Minotaur's labyrinth comes a hulking figure,that makes Bully blink twice in disbelief. Leaping into the ring comes a massively muscular mutant with FOUR arms and TWO cocks! Bully's cocktail stiffens at the sight of him. He gets right up in NightBully's face with cocks against cocks blurting out his challenge! "I am Brutus, I have been sent here by Zeus to fight you retrieve his son, Hercules!" Bully just snorts in disdain. "I beat you and fuck you up the ass with my two cocks and make you give Hercules to me", shouts Brutus "We will fight on the island of Phallus Impaleus. Nightbully looks around his labyrinth and shakes his head back and forth signaling the mutant that that's not going to happen. A blinding flash of light stuns the massive Minotaur, as he realizes he's now standing in a cock-fighting ring on a beach!

Nightbully blinks and squints as he eyes adjust to the brilliant sun light reflecting off the sand on this extremely small desert island of Phallus Impaleus. Bully's eyes focus on the ring he's standing in. The ring posts are giant phallus stone pylons wrapped with thick vines forming the ring and in the center stands a huge four foot high stone phallus, polished and gleaming in the sun. "You will fight me!", blurts Brutus, "The loser must be beaten into submission and impaled ass first on the stone phallus!" The thought of such a sexual fight has all five of the warriors cocks surging out a flood of pre. Brutus rushes Nightbully and ties up with him using his upper hands while his lower arms wrap the Minotaur up in a tight bear hug, their cocks grinding together creating a foamy coating of pre all over their lower belly's and genitals. THE FIGHT IS ON!

Having Nightbully in a crushing bare hug, their hardons still grinding ferociously together, causing them to pump out colossal amounts of pre-cum flooding the ring floor and coating their crotches. Brutus wrenches his hands free from Bully's grip and seizes hold of the Minotaur's nipple rings yanking violently on them. Bully roars in a combination of pain and erotic arousal, making his production of pre enormous, causing his cocktail to stiffen and curve over his right shoulder and erupt a powerful geyser of pre right square in Brutus' face and flooding his open mouth! Blinded and coughing Brutus releases his hold and stumbles around trying to clear the gooey mess from his eyes.
(Bare Hug is my play on words)

As Brutus stumbles blindly around the ring Nightbully tackles him to the ground, grabbing the mutant's top cock and jacing it off, Bully calls this hold The Jac-Hammer! Though blinded Brutus manages to seize Bully's top cock and his cocktail Jac-Hammering the mighty bull-man! Pre is spewing everywhere, soaking Brutus' body and face, keeping his eyes coated in the stinging sex fluid. Instinctively Brutus' lower right hand lashes out and grasps Nightbully by the throat at the same time his lower left hand repeatedly slams into Bully's ribs, hammering him with brutal punches, knocking the wind out of him. The mighty mutant is squeezing for all he is worth choking the life out of the massive Minotaur. Coughing and sputtering Nightbully slow loses consciousness and rolls limply to the ground.

Still tightly grasping Nightbully's pre-gushing cocktail the four armed muscle monster manages to pull it over Bully's head and shove it so deep into the Minotaur's mouth that it is wedged solidly still pumping out massive amounts of pre into the bull-man's mouth and down his throat! In a display of incredible strength Brutus wraps his top arms around Nightbully's chest, making sure that he is roughly mauling his nipples. The mutant's lower arms hook Bully's legs and he effortlessly hoists the massive bull off the ground, suspending him in mid air his ass wide open and defenseless. With a swift and powerful thrust of his hips Brutus slams both of his pre spewing cocks all the way into Bully's ass, and begins brutally fucking the hapless bull! Smugly shouting, "Now I make your ass ready for the Stone Dick of Death, and will make you submit to me!" All Bully could do is to flinch in pain and let out muffled cries through his cocktail stuffed mouth as he choked on his own pre! Poor Bully it looks like he has met his match in this muscle mutant as he is being easily manhandled by this monstrous brute.

Brutus continues fucking and grinding on Nightbully's nipples, causing him to gush out copious amounts of pre-cum all over his own body and down his throat. In an effortless move the massive mutant tosses Bully up and power bombs him to the ground with a resounding thud! The blow keeps Bully in his semi-comatose state. Checking and assuring himself that Nightbully's cocktail is still firmly imbedded in his mouth, he steps on the Minotaur's arms, grabs his legs and pushes them back over Bully's head all the while Brutus' lower hands spread the bull-man's ass wide open! Again the dominate muscle man plunges both his pricks all the way in into his helpless prey's ass until his belly was press tight against Bully's heavily muscled glutes. In a swift repetitive motion Brutus thrusts his hip back and forth savagely fucking the bull, like a pile driver setting a post, which is how this move got its name, making both of them squirt more pre. Arrogantly Brutus boasts, "Now I make you submit to me, and free Hercules!" Bully is too dazed to put up much of a struggle, but he wiggles and strains to break free.

 Squirming, wiggling, and pushing Nightbully struggles to free himself from Brutus' savage dual penetration and fucking, and to dislodge his own cocktail from his mouth. All this is made even more impossible with the muscled mutant standing his arms, and continually taunting him about the ease at which he has put the big Minotaur down. It's now or never for Bully, his anger explodes into physical strength. Brutus looks at Bully's eyes and a wave of fear sweep over him for the massive bull's eyes have turned red! With a burst of power Bully bellows, spitting his cocktail out and wrenching his left leg free. Swiftly he lashes his leg out and slams his bony hoof right into Brutus' face send him flying back into the corner smacking his head on the stone phallus shaped ring post! Slumping in the corner with his arms hung limply over the ropes!

 Scrambling to his hooves the physically revived and sexually supercharged bull charges to the corner where Brutus is slumped! Wanting not only to physically dominate the mutant, but also sexually, Bully grabs his dual pre drooling cocks and presses them against the pre drooling piss slits of his own cocks! Their pre-cum slickened cocks make it easy for Bully's humongous cocks to swallow the muscle monster's cocks! Thrusting his hips back and forth Nightbully fucks away on his helpless foes dual penises, pre freely flowing out of the bull's gigantic cocks. Now the massive Minotaur unleashes a barrage of lefts and rights pummeling Brutus' face and head, leaving him a suspended lump of senseless flesh in the corner. It was the Minotaur's turn to sexually ravage his opponent.

Brutus is out on his feet. hanging in the corner unable to defend himself. Nighbully clamps his fingers tightly onto the mutant's nipples and starts twisting, pulling, squeezing them with a vice like grip! Brutus 'body shutters violently as his nipples are mauled, sending sexual shock waves jolting through his body! Bully keeps up his relentless attack and suddenly he is showered with twin geysers of man milk gushing from Brutus 'nipples. Both wrestlers bellow Brutus in pain and agony and Nightbully in sexual frenzy as Brutus' man milk showers all over Bully's pecs! Mean while Bully's cocks are still fucking Brutus' cocks roughly, pre gushing out to the ground! Brutus appears to be on the verge of sexual exhaustion. He cries out, " Zeus, please Zeus, he's ripping my nipples off!!" "Help me Zeus, help me!"

 A sudden surge of mysterious energy jolts Brustus' body back to full fighting power! The revived mutant grabs Bully's horns and violently yanks his head forward as his lower arms fire out dual upper cuts aimed at the Minotaur's face. With a loud smack they find their mark smashing right into Bully's eyes! With his horns held tight the stunned bull could not recoil and could only buck his hips back, undocking with Brutus' pre soaked cocks. Nightbully bellows in pain as his eyes puff and blacken. Enrage by the mutants attack Nightbully lunges forward pushing Brutus' upper arms back against the ring post, but his lower arms again blast out towards Bully's body.

 In a lighting swift move Nightbully catches Brutus' incoming punches with his hands and pushes the muscle mutant's arm backward nearly ripping them out of their sockets! Bully pushes and strains pinning Brutus' arm back around the ring post until the four armed muscle man's lower arms go numb with pain. With his prey pinned in the corner Bully delivers ferocious knee bombs into the beast's nuts again and again, bruising and smashing his balls nearly into putty. Shrieking and struggling to no avail Brutus' knees begin to buckle! Nightbully's dual cocks rub roughly against Brutus' dual boners, pre flowing freely from both. As the mutant monster sags in the corner Bully steps back and grabs both Brutus' right arms and effortlessly whips him across the ring!

  With Brutus' balls thoroughly demolished Bully rolls away grabbing the mutant's right arms and hurling him across the ring in a powerful Irish Whip, hoping to slam Brutus into the opposite corner turnbuckles and cock shaped ring post! Instead Brutus smashes full force into the stone Dick of Death in the middle of the ring, mashing his dual cocks and battered balls, splattering pre everywhere, crushing his chest, knocking the wind out of him, and bouncing his chin off the stone cock! The four armed muscle man collapses face down to the ground in a senseless lump of quivering flesh! This sight sends Bully's sexual lust soaring to an all time high as he rushes over to his downed foe. Wanting to taunt and humiliate Zeus for sending Brutus. Bully kneels in front of the comatose mutant with his ass facing his head, grabbing Brutus' upper arms he slides the bald beast's face and head between his massive, pre soaked glutes!

Bully cinches Brutus' sweat and pre soaked face and head tight against his pre soaked anus, grinding and pushing it roughly around himself, driving the mighty muscular Minotaur into a slobbering and raging sexual frenzy. With an ear splitting bellow Bully arches his cocktail up and plunges it forcefully down into Brutus' ass, splitting it wide open and burying it deeply into his rectum. With a tremendous push Bully tries to push his cocktail deeper, but the force is so powerful that instead of shoving his cocktail further into Brutus' ass, Bully emits a spittle spewing roar as Brutus' head bursts through Bully's sphincter muscles and rams itself into the bull rectum! Bully's rectal muscles clamp tight around the muscle mutants neck, holding him there. Rudely shocked back into consciousness Brutus is terrified at his predicament and tries to pull himself free, but he is held fast by the Minotaur's crushing sphincter muscles while his head is being squished in by Bully's powerful intestinal muscles. Trapped and suffocating Brutus desperately struggles to free himself but it only add to Bully's sexual pandemonium! Shoving and twisting Bully works his cocktail even further up the helpless muscle man's ass, as the force of the fucking drives Brutus' head deeper into the raging bulls crushing intestines!

Brutus frantically struggles to free himself from Bully's crushing rectum! The mutant muscle man's eyes are burning from the Minotaur's caustic intestinal juices and mucous, even though his eye are useless in this totally black tunnel of terror, as he tries gasping for air, but none can be found, as Bully's glutes and intestinal muscles mangle Brutus' head! Minotaur pre is flooding the bald beast's ass while his cocks rub roughly on the ground! With a tremendous roar Bully rises to his hooves and step back bending Brutus' back to the breaking point! The agonizing pain and the lack of air have Brutus' be coming light headed and with several powerful spasms his body goes limp as he passes out! Bully gives a number of crushing contractions to Brutus' head and rocks back multiple times to be sure that his prey is completely out before he shits out Brutus' mucous coated head and pulls his cocktail out of his ass. Swiftly Bully scoops up the limp carcass and presses it over his head, the mutant's erections pointing earthward like two tits ready for milking, so the mighty bull latches on and begins Jac-Hammering the helpless cow's cocks!

 With his hand still tightly wrapped around Brutus' throat, chocking the shit out of him, Bully's pounding on his pricks pounding and pounding on Brutus' pricks with his other hand, which how we give this move its name, The Jac-Hammer, and the sexual sensation is almost excruciating! With each powerful pounding stroke of the Minotaur's hand his cock choking fist smashes into the muscle mutant's lower belly, until it's a brightly bruised outline of Bully's fist develops. The muscular Minotaur is trapped in a sexual frenzy, his cocks spewing out streams of pre! Bully can hear loud cracks of thunder in the distance, a Zeus is pissed off beyond all belief at this current situation! Emitting an ear splitting roar of defiance at Zeus, Bully increases the tempo of his attack, and instantly Brutus' body stiffens and his twin cocks erupt geysers of cum cascading down over The Dick of Death, coating with slippery thick ropes of the mutants seed! BRUTUS HAS CUM WHICH MEANS ULTIMATE SUBMISSION!!! But that doesn't stop Nightbully who continues to pound away on the monster's gushing cocks, milking them til there's a small lake of sperm juice at the base of the stone dildo! Finally Brutus' mammoth ejaculation sputters out to a puny drool of translucent juice, as Brutus' cocks rapidly shrivel and soften shrinking to nothing more than small hunks of bloodied flesh, his balls have retreated back into his body shrunken and totally drained! Bully again roars at the sight of his foes destruction and prepares to finish off the massive mutant and claim his victory! 

 With Brutus choked out and completely drained of cum, his cocks shrunken and soft, Nightbully effortlessly slams his unconscious body ass first onto the cum soaked Dick of Death, ramming a good 18 inches of stone dildo into muscle mutants rectum! Brutus is so beaten, emptied of cum and strength that he doesn't even flinch as he impaled on the stone cock, he just hangs there limply, his head covered in Nightbully's intestinal mucous, his flaccid cocks drooling the last translucent strings of his spent seed. Victoriously Bully spins around and shoves his mammoth cocktail deep into the defeated beast's mouth and down his throat! With a deafening roar the massive Minotaur raises his arms looking up at Zeus, taunting him, as he erupts a fountain of cum from his cocktail that fills Brutus' mouth and throat to over flowing, all the while his humongous twin cocks spew out rivers of pre!
A huge clap of thunder rattles the island and the howling a nonhuman splits the air. Standing in the shadows the cave at the far end of the island is a giant grey figure, beaconing to Nightbully, to come here ! The voice of Zeus seems to emanate from everywhere, "YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR INSOLENCE, NIGHTBULLY!"  "I HAD POSEIDON CREATE A SPECIAL CREATURE, FOR THAT IS THE ONLY WAY, IT SEEMS THAT YOU CAN BE DEFEATED!  HE WILL TOTALLY DESTROY YOU!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Alright cock-wrestling fans pull up a seat for the match of the century.  


Hercules the arrogant son of Zeus challenged Nightbully to a cock wrestling match.  The Greek demigod totally under estimates the new Nightbully,  (massive new size all over, from injections of his refined and pure hormone ragedrenline).  Hercules and Nightbully tie up in a test of strength, their cocks already hard. Who's going to break the hold first and make the initial offense move.

Hercules struggles and twists free, quickly slamming Bully with a fast, powerful series of rights and lefts! The mighty Minotaur, is stunned! He bellows and staggers backward.  It looks  Hercules has Nightbully going back to the ropes.

Nightbully stumbles back a couple of steps from the force of Hercules' punch. Setting his hooves under him, he winds up a vicious left upper cut and WHAM!! Bully blasts Herc with such force that the Greek demi-god is lifted off his feet and comes crashing to the mat in a heap! Looks like Hercules is easy pickings for Nightbully.


Grabbing a handful of the Greek muscle man's hair Nightbully yanks him up to his knees and slams Herc's chest with brutal forearm smashes.  Twisting and squirming Hercules is desperate to free himself!

Clenching his fist tightly Hercules swiftly spins around on his knees and lands a crushing blow to Nightbully's nuts that drives him onto the ropes!  Shrieking in excruciating pain Bully collapses to the  mat clutching his nearly ruptured testes, bellowing and writhing in agony, totally defenseless, to Hercules offense, yet to come.

With Bully laying stunned on the mat Hercules takes advantage of the situation and slams his ass on the Minotaur's face grinding his ass all over the bull's snout and mouth smothering him nearly unconscious! Smugly Hercules smiles thinking how easy it's been to come down here to Nightbully's labyrinth challenge him and put him down, knowing that his father, Zeus, will be pleased with him. It looks like it's curtains for the once mighty bull.

Hercules drags the comatose bull up to his knees, dry surfing the Minotaurs ass crack with his pre drooling boner.  Reaching around the Greek muscle man latches hold of Nightbully's nipple rings and twist and tugs on them savagely, making him grunt and groan in agony.  Over the course of Hercules' tit torture the pain becomes erotic, causing Bully's body to shutter with jolts of sexual power, slowly slipping from Herc's grip to the mat.

Nightbully is on his back squirming in ecstasy, as Hercules bends over to scoop him up!  With lighting fast reflexes Bully lashes out a vicious left upper cut that squarely smashes on Herc's jaw, send him flying and crashing to the mat, stunned and confused!

Bully yanks Hercules up to his feet, on wobbling legs.  Slamming his head forward as he hoists his knee skyward the massive Minotaur smashes the Greeks face with murderous knee lift that sends Herc sprawling to the mat spread eagle on his back!

Hercules is down!  Dazed and spread eagle on the he's an open target for Nightbully.  Sensing victory the mighty muscular Minotaur wants to inflict more damage on his helpless opponent.  Leaping high into the air Nightbully aims his hard elbow towards the Greek's open crotch.  Hercules is unable to avoid the incoming bomb headed his way.

BULLS EYE!!  Nightbully's elbow hits it target full blast! The excruciating pain rocks Herc's body sending him into physical convulsions rolling all over the mat.  Nightbully proudly stands there admiring his handy work, as he prepares to taunt his opponent.

Squatting down over his devastated foe, Nightbully smugly taunts Hercules by flexing muscles and bouncing his humongous cocks in his face, as a gesture daring him to try and rise and challenge him again.  Slowly the brazenly confident Minotaur rises up sure he has put this upstart muscle man in his place.

Seething with rage Hercules springs upward latching onto Nightbully's balls and slamming a brutal right cross to the minotaur's already damaged orbs!  Bully bellows in agony stumbling backwards dragging Hercules to his knees, as the demi god still maintains his grip on balls!  Nightbully is screaming and stomping his hooves in anguish trying desperately to break free of Herc's crushing grasp.

Nightbully is trapped in Herc's grasp!  The mighty Greek muscle man squeezing on his balls like a python crushing its prey.  Hercules screams at Nightbully, "SUBMIT, NIGHTBULLY, SUBMIT!!"  As Herc tightens his grip he finds it harder to wrap his hands around the Minotaur's gigantic testes, they seem to be growing in size and are sliding around rubbing roughly against each other.  Bully lets out a deafening roar, and Hercules is unsure if it's caused by pain or if Nightbully is going deep into a sexual frenzy, as he stands there his body quaking and shaking!  Desperately Hercules wants to take advantage of Bully's unstable condition.

Frustrated and confused Hercules releases Nightbully's balls, angry that he could not make the muscle Minotaur submit. Instantly the demigod scramble to his feet, winds up and blasts Nightbully with a powerful punch to his muscular six pack abs with such force that it sends Nightbully flying back into the ropes, stretching them to the breaking point.

Using the ropes as a sling shot, Bully explodes off the ropes leaping into the air hurtling hooves first at Hercules!  Hercules drops to his knees hoping to avoid the incoming guided muscle, Nightbully.  The sly Minotraur drops his hips and WHAM!  Hard bony hooves slam into Herc's jaw and slice into his nipple!  Hercules is knocked silly,  totally OUT!

Knock senseless by Nightbully's dropkick Hercules is an easy and helpless prey for the monstrous Minotaur!  Scooping up Greek muscle man like he was a rag doll, Bully snaps Herc over in a shattering German suplex. 

Hercules lands with savage slam on the back of his head!  What ever consciousness he had has been slammed out of him.  The fans ringside can hear the snapping and popping of his neck bones and feel the thud of his head smashing onto the canvas.  Bully releases his hold and Herc just lays there spread eagle on the mat not moving except for his breathing.

Nightbully rolls Herc on his side and wraps his tree trunk sized legs around the strong man's waist and lower ribs.  Snapping his legs tight together Bully crushes Hercules' body forcing the air out of it.  Hercules bellows as the air is forcefully ejected from his lungs!  Hercules' cock is mashed against his belly by the weight of Nightbully's humongous balls!  Slowly his screaming and groaning taper off as he again looses consciousness.

Nightbully is not letting Hercules get any chance to mount a counter attack.  Rolling the semi-conscious muscle man onto his belly, snatching up his leg and putting his own knee into the small of Herc's back, Nightbully pulls the demigod's leg back towards his head, nearly breaking Hercules in half. The pain snaps Herc back awake again and he bellows and squirms trying to escape, as Bully grunts and snorts indicating that he want's Hercules to submit.  Try as he might Nightbully can't get the Greek muscle god to give up, but his torture has badly weaken Herc.

Even though Hercules did not submit, Nightbully was satisfied that he was softened up enough to have his way with him.  Yanking him up by his secured leg opened Hercules' ass for Bully to take, and in a swift thrust the massively hung Minotaur plunged both is rigid 48 inch pre drooling cocks up the helpless Greek's ass!  Hercules let out a shrill scream as his rectum was ripped wide open and filled to the bursting point with Bully's dual cocks!   Again and again the bull man plunged his twin boners deep inside Herc until his body went limp and Nightbully dropped his senseless carcass to the mat.

With Hercules on the mat on his belly, Nightbully begins punching Hercules anus so hard that his fist plunges up Herc's rectum clear to mid point of Bully's bicep! It was Nightbully's finishing move The Assassinataur Fucker Punch! Continuously the sexually berserk Minotaur blasts his fist up Herc's ass, twisting, grabbing and clawing at his intestines! Hercules is shrieking in excruciating pain, screaming out that he submits,begging Nightbully to stop! Victoriously Nightbully looks up and taunts Zeus, that he defeated his son and made him beg for mercy.

Scooping up the defeated muscle  with his single imbedded arm, Nightbully stands in the middle of the ring, taunting Zeus even more. Bully's arm is grind so hard on Hercules' inside that it causes him to explode a fountain of cum, the sight of which brings Bully to a humongous release of his own massive geysers of cum! It's all over for the once proud son of Zeus, for he is now the sex bitch of that mighty, muscular Minotaur Nightbully!   But as Bully stands there still gushing out copious amounts of his bull seed a strange figure steps out of the darkness of Nightbully's labyrinth to watch this most erotic sight!

                                                       THE END?
Welcome to Nightbully's Cock-Wrestling Labyrinth!  This site is mainly dedicated to Nightbully's wrestling and cock-wrestling matches, but not limited to just Nightbully.

So to get things started here is Lucky Stallions 3D rendering of Nightbully.  You can find more of Lucky's work at his blog site.

I hope you will enjoy the erotic and brutal matches that Nightbully battles in.